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Perhaps one of the few complains Twitter users have relates with the quality of the web site proper, in terms of design and easiness to handle. It is not very nice to have to reload Twitter's page every time the user wants to see new tweets, and for some, all of the social network's potential is not taken advantage of just by using its web page, as it may not be very easy to learn how to use all of Twitter's features. The blu Twitter client for Windows allows users to solve many of these problems by incorporating all of Twitter's functions into an elegantly designed interface that can be used directly from the PC's desktop, without involving the use of an Internet browser. Thus, it essentially solves many, if not all, of the issues users may have with Twitter's web page.

First of all, blu solves the problem of having to reload the page to refresh the tweets list, as they appear automatically in one corner of the screen when blu is working, no matter what other activities users are performing on the PC. This allows them to keep connected to the network all the time, without having to necessarily change the screen they are working on.

However, if the users' intent is to interact in the social network, it can also be done with this software easily. The program's home interface consists of a small window where users can view recent tweets written by all the people they follow and by clicking on some small icons at the window's base, they can choose to view tweets that mention them, tweets sent by their favorite users, their own retweeted tweets, direct messages, and all personal tweets. When the mouse is placed on one tweet, a small menu appears at its left that allows users to retweet, send a message to the person responsible for the tweet, and to perform other, more advanced actions such as "following/unfollowing", "favorite/unfavorite", view the user's profile, see all the user's tweets, report, add to lists, etc. Blu also allows users to search tweets containing a particular keyword, and, of course, to make new tweets of their own.

Other useful features include a list management, the possibility of viewing the most popular trends, and of searching for tweets concerning a specific topic. There is also a small button on the top of the window that allows users to change some settings, such as the tweet font size, the deletion of accounts, etc. Finally, the client allows users to use multiple accounts at once, through the use of a small tab that somehow protrudes from the bottom of the interface and shows the profile pictures of all the accounts the user is logged into. The only problem with the program I've been able to encounter so far is its stability, as it sometimes turns off with no apparent reason.

Overall, in my opinion, blu is an excellent software client that allows users to take full advantage of the social network, but it is still in the works, hence its stability issues.

Gianfranco Grillo
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  • Easy to use
  • Nice interface
  • Allows users to take full advantage of Twitter


  • Stability issues
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